Digital Artefact: Pitch


6 thoughts on “Digital Artefact: Pitch

  1. Candance! First of all before I even comment on anything related to your DA. I’ve gotta say, just this blog post alone is BEAUTIFULLY set out. So it makes me so excited to see how you’ll transfer this aesthetic to Tik Tok. Bc you’re a brand account, even tho you’d be catering to cute trends and do-it-yourselfers. it could be beneficial to perhaps examine how high-profiled brands retain a following on the app?

    it might be interesting to examine how you can make that step to popularity without feeling like or worrying you’re forcing your product / a capitalist agenda down people’s throats.

    i think this is a really cool project. especially with how Tik Tok is on the rise to overtake Instagram. it’s clear you’ve done a crazy amount of research, and it really shows within your work. well done!


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