Peer Commentary

For BCM325, I had to comment on three of my peers’ DA pitches. I provided feedback using my own research on their topics, as well as referencing learned lecture content.

First Comment

The first pitch I commented on was Victoria’s. Her DA is a Twitch account on which she’ll be streaming herself playing video games, as well as an Instagram account she’ll be using to promote her Twitch channel.

Comment Summary:

  • Tori’s research revealed that Twitch streamers have seen an increase in popularity during lockdown, so I suggested an article that discusses the future of gaming post-coronavirus
  • She didn’t include a posting plan in her pitch, so I offered her research on how often she should be posting on Instagram and Twitch. It is recommended everyday on Instagram, and 3-5 days on Twitch, so I suggested she make a posting schedule to keep her on track
  • The only social media account she mentioned for promotion was Instagram, so I suggested she use TikTok as well, with an article on how she can use the algorithm to her advantage. I also provided examples of unknown gamers going viral on TikTok
  • She didn’t show any analytics from her Twitch account, which she has already started using, so I suggested she use the analytics to help with the audience growth

I think I could have mentioned Tori’s Instagram account more in my comment. I suggested the use of TikToks but did not consider that Instagram Reels may be just as effective, without her needing to create a new social media account. While I believe TikTok is more popular than Reels, it might have been helpful to provide her with options.

Second Comment

The next pitch I commented on was Chelsea’s, whose DA is a podcast for an already existing magazine, Chae. The topics mentioned that she would like to cover on the podcast ranged from student tips, to current affairs, to lecture content.

Comment Summary:

  • The first thing I noted was that BCM325 content was part of the podcast plan. Since Chae isn’t just for BCM students, I questioned whether this was too niche to include, and provided an article to selecting podcast topics for a wider audience
  • She mentioned a number of future projects for Chae that could be discussed on the podcast, so I suggested she use the audience’s response to choose which projects to prioritise
  • I also included a link to a ranking of best podcast hosting platforms, as she did not include where this podcast would be posted
Ignore the first line being covered

When discussing places to host the podcast, I did not mention the use of YouTube, which is a popular platform for podcasts. I could have provided information on YouTube podcasts, and YouTube channels specifically, that might have benefited Chelsea.

Third Comment

The last pitch I commented on was Jack’s. His DA will be in the form of two video essays, discussing the future of Australian music.

Comment Summary:

  • Jack did not specify how far into the future he is looking, so I suggested he find a timeframe to focus on
  • He mentioned that he had a small following on YouTube, so I suggested an article with tips on growing a YouTube channel, so he can maintain growth
  • I also suggested an article with predictions on the future of music, as Jack did not specify what aspects of music he would be discussing in his own predictions

I think providing Jack with research on short-term content ideas might have been beneficial, since his plan is to post only two videos over thirteen weeks. I offered suggestions for growing his channel, but did not discuss consistency or quantity, which also affect a channel’s growth.

Overall, I think my comments were well-researched and, despite needing improvement, could still be of use to my peers.


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